Roy Kenner

Roy has that warm and wondeful voice that one loves to hear when it comes to rythm and blues and contemporary rock. His musical roots are well documented in Toronto's rock history such as "James Gang", "Mandala" and "Bush." LISA DAL BELLO credits her success to her friend and mentor, Roy Kenner of the TV series Music Machine. He wrote the R&B influenced song Stand In Your Way on her debut album.

R.K. and the Associates (Roy: rear center)


The James Gang in Japan: Jim Fox, Dale Peters, Troiano, and Kenner

"Domenic Troiano's Tribute"

"Domenic Troiano's Tribute"

Roy "Orson Welles" Kenner

Still Singin'

"Roy Kenner" in Wikipedia

"Roy Kenner" on YouTube

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