Sally Hamilton-Gable

"Cecropia Magic"

Sally is a mixed media artist who has a strong appreciation for the rural landscape, local history and the characters who live in Norfolk County. Awareness and concern for the natural world are recurring themes in her artwork. Sally has been involved in outdoor theatre visual art productions with Shadowland Theatre from Toronto and local historical and environmental groups. She contributed in the projects in designing and making costumes, puppets and set designs. Sally anticipates the changing of the seasons, loves children's art and vintage Christmas ornaments. Her passion for the Monarch butterfly will find her every Fall out with a camera or sketchbook looking for their migration, and for that lucky butterfly that will pose for her and be captured for eternity.

"Cecropia Moth"

"Red Bellied Woodpecker"

"Earth Spirit"

"Cat In The Garden"

"Flower Girl"

"Headless Horseman"

"Queen Anne"

"Oh Christmas Tree"

"Horned Owl"


"Dr.Troyer, Witch Doctor of Long Point - Norfolk Tales of Land & Lake, Shadowland Theatre"

"Queen of Hearts"

"Floyd McLeod"

"Scallop Shells"

"Toy Theatre"

"Monarch Maiden"

"The Queen was in the Parlour"


"No Gravel Pit"

"Scenery for Dragon Wagon Amusement Ride"

"Queen & Dragon"

"Puppet Theatre"

"Carnival Rio"

"Queen Mother Banner"

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