CTV Circus


The hosts, Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence.

Circus (Series) (1978-1983)
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages! This series offers the Big Top on the small screen, a weekly half hour of circus acts and musical entertainment. A couple of young, scrub-faced professional singers named Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence do the singing and crack the ringmaster's whip, but the main drawing-card is the age-old lure of the circus itself... painted clowns, fire-eaters, daring aerialists, trained horses, balancing acts, performing dogs of all sizes, bareback riders, majestic trained elephants, cages roaring with wild animals, a blaring, brassy band and circus queens in dazzling tights. The series was based on a top-rated CTV special. It was expanded to an hour for the 1979-80 season. Circus expanded to an hour and had Billy Van as a regular in the second season. In the fourth season, Circus expanded its "Sideshow" segment.

Cal Dodd .... Co-host (1978-1983)
Sherisse Laurence .... Co-host (1978-1983)
Billy Van .... Regular (1979-80)


Episode Guide for Circus (Series) (1978-1983)

Back to Circus - Special: Apr 16, 1978 - (Pilot) Thrills, chills and even songs under the big top. Leslie Nielsen is the ringmaster for this circus hour, which includes animal acts, aerial daring and songs by Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence. In the Ring: Lion trainer Kay Rosaire puts her head into a lion's mouth, and commands her charges to leap through a flaming hoop; a 7000-pound elephant balances on one foot; and six Liberty horses prance through precision drills. Up In the Air: Double and two-and-a-half somersaults by the Flying Armors and the Reginine Duo's helicopter spin—30 feet up and with no net below. Also: in a sketch, Leslie plays a clown who wants to bill himself as the "world's tallest midget." Cal and Sherisse sing "Circus Magic," and a medley of "Nobody Does It Better" and "You Light Up My Life." (60 min.) (Rebroadcast on Sep 15, 1978.)

Season 1 (24 Episodes, 30 minutes)

Sep 22, 1978 - (Premiere) Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence introduce the Riding Zerbinis, a bareback riding act; the Moores and their performing dog; The Juggling Jewels and the Flying Lar Rays, a trapeze team. Cal and Sherisse sing "Evergreen" and "Ease On down the Road."

Sep 29, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence host this musical variety extravaganza which features big top acts; tonight's guests include Mario's Mad Hatters, The Dionnes Pole Balancing Act, Reynoso's Pirates Of The Sky, and My Imba's Baboons.

Oct 6, 1978 - Guests: Wade Burke and the Hawthorne Performing Tigers, The Verdu Troupe, John Cunjo's Baby Elephant, and Prince Najuez.

Oct 13, 1978 - Schmit's Elephant and Rhino, Edwardo's Bicycle Act, Les Barons Hand Balancing Act, and Fire Manipulator, Santani Demon

Oct 20, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence introduce Wade Burke's Elephant and Tiger Act; the Elkin Sisters Acrobatics; Arieletta, a trapeze act; and the Klementis Bicycle Act. Cal and Sherisse sing "Pinball Wizard" and "Saturday Night Fever."

Oct 27, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence's guests are Wade Burke and the 16 Hawthorne performing tigers, the Fornacari musical clowns the Dolly Sisters triple trapeze act and Arturo Segura's bounding rope. Cal and Sherisse sing "People," "Proud Mary."

Nov 3, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Elkin Sisters dog act, the Fernandez magic act, The Flying Armors and John Cunio's three baby elephants.

Nov 10, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence introduce the Les Castros high-wire act; the Hawthorne performing elephants: the Klementis bicycle act: and Sonny the Seal and Joanne. Cal and Sherisse sing "You and Me Against the World," "Carousels and Clowns."

Dec 1, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Skydells Suspended Motorcycle Act, the acrobatic Young Troupe on Teeterboard and trampoline, the Smahas Lipizzan Stallions and the Ventura's Cradle Act. Cal and Sherisse do "What the World Needs Now Is Love."

Dec 8, 1978 - Tarzan Zerbinin and his Lions, juggler Martini Lamberti, Attila Molnar who will attempt to break the world's record for plate spinning. and the Swaying Stars, a sway pole act.

Dec 15, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome The Great Herberto and his slide of death, Gerrard Poole's Poodles of Paris, Miss Evelyn, The Girl in the Moon and the comic and acrobatic Kelmar Brothers.

Dec 22, 1978 - Acts include the Los Argentines bolo dancers; Miss Carol and Tara the Baby Elephant; and the Navaros acrobatic unicycle act. Co-hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence sing "If" and "Aquarius."

Dec 29, 1978 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome "Queen Of The Air" Jacqueline, the Grimaldi comedy dog act, hand balancer Jose Francisco, and Geronimo and his dive of death. Cal and Sherisse sing "I Got Love" and "Send in the Clowns."

Jan 5, 1978 - The Les Block High Wire Act, the Christiani Trampoline Act, the Million Dollar Twins and Peanuts the Pony.

Jan 12, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the trapeze act The Vasquex, the Gaspori comedy troupe, archer Anne Clark and the Jeffries' seal act.

Jan 19, 1979 - Cal and Sherisse welcome De Mille; the Vickinas Rizling Act; Martin Lamberti's Balancing Act; and Ming Wong's Hair Hang

Jan 26, 1979 - Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence introduce Gilda's Uncaged Leopards; Goteshi Brothers' Comedy Act; Armando's Juggling Act; Carlos Duo Balancing Pole Act.

Feb 2, 1979 - Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Aria's Bears; Don Giovani's Comedy Act; Karen Miracle with a balancing act and Frank and Estralita trapeze act.

Feb 9, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Los Orbanos high wire act, the Carzaki teeter-board act, the Kent hand balancers and John Stevens' fire manipulation display.

Feb 16, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Les Michelle handbalancing act, unicyclist Brett Shockley, the Bergers' dog and pony act and the Rocksmith Flyers, a trapeze act.

Feb 23, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Smahas' trio of Lipizzan stallions, the Bruski bicycle act, the Lucky Brothers comedy-Scrobatic team and The Amazing Alain, a swordbalancer.

Mar 2, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Janet's Chimps; Danti's Balancing Act; Segura's Rizling Act; Francaro Trapeze Act. Cal and Sherisse sing "We Can Work It Out."

Mar 9, 1979 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Boomer the Boxing Kangaroo, the Aguilas perch act, the Claytons' wire act and Robin Madina's iron jaw act. Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence sing "Soolaimon."

Original Airdate Unknown:

- Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Les Barons Trapeze Balancing Acts; the Fornasari Troupe; the Rolling Diamonds, and the Droguettes Juggling Act.

Season 2 (24 Episodes, 60 minutes)

Sep 17, 1979 - Seasonal debut. Acts include Marie France and her performing Yorkshire terriers; the Napolean Roman bareback-riding act; and Skeeter Vaugh's knife-and-tomahawk throwing act.

Sep 24, 1979 - In the ring: Steeles elephants; Mafalds balancing act; Howarth's boxing chimps; the Quassars acrobatic act; the Agostinoes chair acrobatic routine; Quassar's airplane acrobatic act. Also: Billy Van does a takeoff on a bareback rider. Cal and Sherisse sing "I Want to Take You Higher."

Oct 1, 1979 - Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Billy Van as Billy Bob Joe Swackhammer; Winnie McKay on the trapeze; Los Latinos on the tight-wire; Dieter Tasso; Leo and the Lion. Among the songs: "You Don't Have to Be a Star" (Cal, Sherisse); and "Don't Pull Your Love Out" (Cal).

Oct 15, 1979 - Billy Van portrays 'Nigel B'wana Dundas' an old animal trainer who trains geese to fly south. In the ring: the Tino Wallenda Zoppe high-wire act: Sebastian's poodles; Sasa Fornasari; and the Plunketts' trampoline act. Among the songs: "Last Time I Felt like This" (Gal, Sherisse); "My Life" (Cal).

Oct 29, 1979 - Join Cal Dodd and Sherrisse Laurence as they welcome Christopher James and his comedy tight wire act, acrobatic clowns Townsen and Yockers and Billy Van's comedy character of the week: The Great Oopsinskhiyh.

Nov 5, 1979 - Co-hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Zippy the Chimp, Giovanis Comedy Plate Act, Miss Olinka's Upside-Down Aerial foot walk and the Hernandez Teeterboard act.

Nov 12, 1979 - Vidbel's Ponies; Sampion the Juggler: and Zamudio's high wire act. Songs include "Brother Love" (Sherisse and Cal); "The Way I Want to Touch You " (Sherisse).

Nov 19, 1979 - Co-hosts Col Dod and Sherisse Laurence welcome Walt and Wendy Teeterboard act, Princess White Cloud Aerial Swing, Fay and Dumborwski Comedy Act, Zamperlas Bike Act and Willie Neckers Dalmations. Songs include "What a Fool Believes" (Gal); "I'm Past My Prime" (Billy Van).

Nov 26, 1979 - Acts: The Great Explodo, Eric Adams' Dogs, the Canestrelli Ladder Act and the Flying Gaonas. Songs include "A Little More Love" (Sherisse); "The Hungry Years."

Dec 3, 1979 - Co-hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome guests Vidbels Elephants, Zoppes unsupported ladder routine. Randy Brown and his Bola Bat Act, Murray of the Mounted and his wonder horse, Neil Kursane's bike act and Tobac Lunar Module-Perch Pole act. Among the songs: "Look at That Face," "I Believe in You" (Cal, Sherisse); and "Weekend in New England" (Sherisse).

Dec 10, 1979 - Featured tonight are the Zoppes Rosin Back Riders, Miss Delisa single trapeze, the Randy and Sylvia perchpole act; the Kerry and Company hand-balancing act and Billy Van portrays the comic role of the Great Defector. Starring Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence.

Jan 7, 1980 - Cal and Sherisse welcome The Ricardo and Company high-wire act; the Hansini ladder act; and Joanne and her horse Toma, Hal Havilland Paper Tearing and the Luxom Wheel of Destiny. Songs include "Personality," "Movin' Out" (Cal); "Don t Leave Me This Way" (Sherisse); "Night Owl " (Cal and Sherisse).

Jan 14, 1980 - Scheduled: the Bertini bicycle act; Zoppes' monkeys; the Sherry Troy cradle act; and the Estradas teeter-board act. Songs include "Consider Yourself," "Wedding Song " (Cal and Sherisse).

Jan 28, 1980 - Acts include the Dielkis Sisters Rolling Globes; Angela Winnow and her collie revue; Pat Anthony and his Fighting Cats; the Francaro Duo trapeze act; trapeze artists, Peggy Mills and Irene Espana; and Hardy Wolfe's comedy routine. Billy Van is the Mervyn the great Testeroni. Songs include: "Morning Has Broken" (Sherisse, Cal).

Feb 11, 1980 - Join Cal Dodd and Sharisse Laurence as they welcome Gee Gee and her Kozak Elephants, Rolan's Roly Poly, Sparky and the ever patient Sgt. Dupont, and amongst others, the Truly Unique Pablos.

Feb 18, 1980 - Acts include Gran Mar on the tight wire. Susan Sherryl's Afghan Champions, Eric Adams balancing act, Karinas Comedy Trampoline and Miss Ives on the single trapeze. Sherisse sings "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again," and joins Cal for "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."

Feb 25, 1980 - Sherrise Laurence and Cal Dodd welcome Billy Van as Nigel Buana Dundas, the Canestrelli family, Miss Yvonne and her wonderful Wild Stallion, the Joyce Rice bullwhip act, Ken Sherbourne and his juggling act along with Irma Crystals Hair Hanging Act. Among the songs: "Hit the Road, Jack" (Sherisse); "Just One Look" (Cal, Sherisse); "The Heart" (Cal).

Mar 3, 1980 - Guests: Morton's Third Generation Wonder Bears, Albertis Poodles, Mary Jane Scanlon. Bobby Pleis Juggling Act, King Arthur and Goldie.

Mar 24, 1980 - Performers: Chase and Park on the trampoline; the Rianos slack-wire act; Sherry Troy's web act; the Tommy Bishop rope act; and Buzz Kirk's unicycle act. Among the songs: "You Are So Beautiful" (Cal, Sherisse). [Postponed from last week.]

Mar 31, 1980 - Performers include Vashek on the inclined wire; the Leyvas balancing act; the Zunigas Juggling act; and Cristiani's mule. Songs: "Bumblebee Boogie" (Cal); "Money" (Sherisse). Cal and Sherisse do "Let Me Be the One."

Apr 7, 1980 - Acts Include Welde's bears; Jose and Julian on the perch pole; Joy Holliday Magic Act; and Valencia on the flying trapeze. Among the selections: a medley of "Too Long at the Fair" and "Scarborough Fair" (Cal, Sherisse).

Apr 14, 1980 - The Valla Duo Unicycle Act, The Valencia's Trampoline Act, The Williams Bros. Comedy Acrobatics, Trudy's Liberty Dalmations, aerial acrobatics by the Sathia Duo.

Original Airdates Unknown:

- The Franciscus Family teeterboard act, and Pablo's aeriel-bar act. Songs include "Midnight Blue" (Sherisse). and "Takin' It to the Streets" (Cal): Sherisse and Cal team up for "Your Feet's Too Big."

- Cal Dodd and Sherisse Lawrence welcome Billy Bob Joe Swackhammer, and Zoppes' rhesus monkeys.

Season 3 (22 Episodes, 60 minutes)

Sep 15, 1980 - Season Debut. The second season opens with Gee Gee's elephants; Miss Belinda on the single trapeze; Stebbing's chimps; Jordan's daredevil motorcycle act.

Sep 22, 1980 - Guests: Powell's Liberty Ponies, Kramer and Company Illusionist and King's Mixed Animals and the Flying Lanes.

Sep 29, 1980 - Guests: Rebounders Trampoline Act, Valerie and Andrea Chapman, Revolving Ladder act, Villiams Juggling Act, Stebbings Cat.

Oct 6, 1980 - Guests: The Aerial Pinsons, Bertloff's Acrobalancing, Killer Willard, the boxing kangaroo, and King's Elephants. Cal and Sherisse sing "Both Sides Now."

Oct 13, 1980 - Gaylord Maynard's drunken horse; Valerie Chapman on the single-trapeze; Andromeda Ladder Balancing; Albani's flying motorcycle. Songs include "Shape I'm In."

Oct 20, 1980 - Stebbing's elephants, the Garden Brothers ponies, Miss Michelle on the single trapeze, juggler Lottie Bruhn.

Oct 27, 1980 - Countess Von Albert's Doberman pinschers; Grin and Barrett Low Trapeze; Stebbing's baby elephant, and April Fossett's sway-pole act. Songs include "Deja Vu. "

Nov 10, 1980 - Miss Pychinka's single-trapeze act, Kristina's chimps and Clark's cats, Smiley Daley comedy bicycle. Sherisse performs "When the World Was Young."

Nov 17, 1980 - Royal Palace Leopards, Alonzo's rope and whip act, juggler Reggie Robertson, Winn Troupe Motorcycle Act.

Dec 8, 1980 - Features include Los Galambos Hanging Perch, Zerbini's elephants, the Royale's rolling-globe act and Rumpy the Clown's egg gag

Dec 15, 1980 - Heidi Harriot's single-trapeze act; the Helandas' perch-pole act; and Miss Janice and her golden retrievers. Songs include "Am I Blue" (Sherisse) and "Down in the Boondocks" (Cal).

Jan 5, 1981 - Join hosts and singing ringmasters Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence as they welcome Lou Anne Jacobs Trapeze act, Sir Harry James Balancing act, Crazy Sailors Knockabout Comedy act and Harry Thomas Cat act.

Jan 12, 1981 - Join hosts and singing ringmasters Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence as they welcome The Empress of Space, The Frankies Rolling Globes, The Big Apple Circus Clowns, and The Winn Brothers Walk of Death.

Jan 19, 1981 - Join hosts and singing ringmasters Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence as they welcome Burketts Hanging Perch act, the Morrell Duo Balancing act, the Trampoline Guys, and Javanas Jungle Wonders. Cal sings "Dusty Roads."

Jan 26, 1981 - Join hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence as they welcome the Schmitt Elephants, Jim Tinsmen the clown, Rudy Del Monte contortionist and Enricco Wallenda High Wire.

Feb 2, 1981 - Acts tonight include the Marcel Mixed Animals, Mario Von Albert Hand-Balancing; Wilson's Unicycies and Captain Circus Cannon.

Feb 9, 1981 - Join Cal Dodd and Sherisse Lawrence as they welcome the Rolls Don Cradle act, Joey Jordan the juggler and the Miss Roberta Slide for Life.

Feb 16, 1981 - Miss Lydia's single-trapeze act; Huston and Company illusionists; Ada Smieya's lions and tigers; and contortionist Mary Jr. Frog Lady.

Feb 23, 1981 - Lorelei on the single trapeze; Jericho's trampoline act; and Kaye's Hollywood Elephants; Michael & Company Balancing Act. Sherisse sings "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do."

Mar 2, 1981 - Ringmasters Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welqome the Braun Duo Cradle act, Sikorsky's Juggling act and the Bertinis Unicycle act. Cal sings "Look What You've Done to Me."

Mar 16, 1981 - The Guzman and Monique high-wire bicycle act, Lacross's rifles and knives, and the Cook's comedy car.

Mar 23, 1981 - Pepper the Clown, the Valentino High Wire act, juggler John McPeak, Gary Thomas's cats.

Season 4 (22 Episodes, 60 minutes)

Sep 19, 1981 - The fourth season opens with the Altoff Family Bears, Le Gran Rober and the Flying Lantonis trapeze acts, and the Oscarian floor acrobats.

Sep 26, 1981 - Senor Vinicio Vacquez on the aerial trapeze; the Wazzan trampoline troupe; Jay Green's juggling act; and Larry Dean's tigers.

Oct 3, 1981 - Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the incredible fire routine of Captain Craig's elephants; from Morocco on the revolving ladder, the comedy antics of the Volvos; from Amsterdam, Holland, foot juggling wizard, Miss Loni, and from Lucerne Switzerland, on the twin sway poles fifty five feet above the Circus center ring, the Nock Brothers. Cal sings "Crying."

Oct 10, 1981 - Guests: The Lange Troupe acrobats, the Regine Duo's aerial cradle, Los Pomperos whip act and Darnell's Dogs.

Oct 17, 1981 - Elka's chimpanzees; the Terry O'Brien unicycle troupe; Senor Mario's juggling act; and the Flying Aztecs trapeze artists.

Oct 24, 1981 - From Mexico, Senor Gabriel on the aerial trapeze; Dick Albers trapeze acts; the L. Nelson illusionists; and the Allan Gold Cats, introducing one of the youngest trainers in the world.

Nov 7, 1981 - Princess Tajana and Cleopatra the elephant; the Odd Family acrobatic act; the Orestos jugglers.

Nov 21, 1981 - The Aerial Jupiters trapeze act; knife-and-tomahawk-thrower Paul Lacross; Lee Stevens' balancing act; and Hub Hubbel and his horse Oke.

Nov 28, 1981 - Hosts Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome aerial sensations the Karlen Duo; a very clever toy soldier routine by Speilzeug; fire juggling by the Bobby Jane Duo; from Budapest Hungary, Katinka's poodles.

Dec 19, 1981 - Featured are the Clyde Brothers Elephants, The Ashton Family Acrobatics, the Richard Duo Balancing act and the Flying Rodriguez trapeze artists.

Jan 16, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome guests Senor Valdez, Joe Jackson, the Living Statues and Senor Ramos.

Jan 23, 1982 - Terry O'Brien's precision balancing act; Pete and Patrova; illusionists Lynn and Jeff Nelson.

Feb 6, 1982 - Guests: The Lee Stevens Poodles from Bucharest, Romania and The Albulet Brothers.

Feb 13, 1982 - An all-animal show including the Tarzan Zerbini lions and tigers. Killer Willard the kangaroo, the Stebbing elephants, Ada Smeya and her European wildcats, and Gilda's leopards.

Feb 20, 1982 - The Great Gunga glass-balancing act; the Lancelots high-wire troupe; the Austins trampollnists; and the Carrolls. a trapeze act.

Feb 27, 1982 - Guests: Anna Mae, Miss Alicia, Mr. Esquire and Heidi Herriott.

Mar 6, 1982 - Guests: Phlllippe Versen, The Wazzan Troupe, The Golden Statue and the Texas White Horse Troupe.

Mar 20, 1982 - Guests: The Flores Duo, Pepper the Clown and the Wonder Dogs.

Mar 27, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome aerial acrobat Miss Evelyn; the Gunga sisters contortionists; sword-and-dagger balancer Mlle. Christianne; and Senor Don and his Arabian white stallion El Diablo Blanco.

Apr 10, 1982 - Acts: 18-year-old Rita Wistoff on the single trapeze; The Drougettes, South American juggling sensations; the illusions of Kenny and Mae from Hong Kong; and The Garden Brothers Pinto Pony Parade.

Apr 17, 1982 - Guests: Les Chrissens; aerialists the Paulo Duo, the Brusewitz Family on antique bicycles, the Flying Larrays on the trapeze.

Apr 24, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome: on the single trapeze, the sensational Louann Jacobs; Harry Thomas's tigers; Gaylord Maynard and his Wonder Horse, Chief Bear Paw; and Captain Circus, the man who dares to be shot out of a cannon.

Season 5 (22 Episodes, 60 minutes)

Sep 18, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence present elephant trainer Lee Keener and North America's largest performing elephant, clown Emmett Kelly Jr., and on the flying trapeze, The Great Tarelbas.

Sep 25, 1982 - Aerialist Gloria Marquez, the Bertinis unicycle act, the Trampoline Guys and Gals, and the Loyal Rapinsky bareback riders.

Oct 2, 1982 - Tonight's program features Inga Williams' Dogs, the sword and dagger balancing of Erma Crystal, juggler Mike Von Druska, and the Bertinis trapeze artists.

Oct 9, 1982 - Co-hosts Cal Dod and Sherisse Laurence welcome from Warsaw, Poland, the intricate aerial artistry of the Spider Goddess, Danuta; comedy clown Smiley Daley; from Monterey, Mexico, tight-wire sensation Miguel Ayala; and from Palm Springs, California, 11 Siberian and Bengal tigers, trained and presented by Wayne Regan.

Oct 16, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome Trudy's Appaloosa stallions; balancing masters, The Patricks; the acrobatic Adagio of the Knops; and for the first time since the death of high wire champion Karl Wallenda, The Great Wallendas.

Oct 23, 1982 - The Bertinis chimpanzees, Sacha on the aerial swing and illusionist Mike Philips.

Oct 30, 1982 - The Rosaire Brothers' Arabian horses, Spikowapski the clown, the headbalancing act of Christina and Chris, and the plate-spinning Ruwills.

Nov 6, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Venturas, sensations on the aerial cradle; the comedy juggling of Wes Zaharuk; the head balancing of the Kolmedys; and Buckskin and his talking horse — Mustang.

Nov 20, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome the Vidbel Elephants; stiltwalkers Coco and Coconut; the foot-juggling of the Francarros; and the Playmate of the Planets, aerialist Miss Rietta.

Nov 27, 1982 - Aerialists the Paulo Duo, the Brusewitz Family on antique bicycles, the Flying Larrays on the trapeze, and clowns Rumpy and Cookie.

Dec 4, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome horseman Brad Frank, juggler Mr. B., the Dielkas Sisters on rolling globes and trapeze artist Miss Christina.

Dec 18, 1982 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence present on the double trapeze, the Valentino Duo; on the trampoline, Don and Geoff Aiani; The Rolltinos balancing act; and the Davies' Dogs.

Dec 25, 1982 - From Santa Fe, New Mexico: Cowboy Joe Philips; the sensational rope-spinning artists, Barbara and Joslyn Autry; from Leipzug, East Germany, the acrobatic adigio of Hajo and Silvia; and from Santiago, Chile, aeriatlsts The Venecios.

Jan 8, 1983 - A special edition, featuring five of the most outstanding animal acts ever to be presented: From Hamburg, West Germany, The Altoff Bears; The Royal Palace Uncaged Leopards, from Frankfurt; Elka's chimpanzees; in the tradition of the Ringling Bros. Circus, The Schmidt Elephants; and from Mexico City, lions, tigers and jaguars trained and presented by Senor Ramos.

Jan 15, 1983 - Circus welcomes aerialists The Ventura Duo, from Madrid, Spain; champion head balancers, The Olmedas; the almost human Rubber Band, Monster Spike and the Hollywood Liberty Horses trained and presented by Sir Philip Anthony.

Jan 22, 1983 - Performers: The Waltens balancing act; fire-juggler Pat Davison; Petey and the Dog Catcher; and The Tabaks acrobatic troupe.

Jan 29, 1983 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome single-trapeze artist Estraleda, eight-year-old acrobat Benny Duvall, the tightwire-walking Valla Duo and the equestrian act of Lady Abigail and Sundance.

Feb 12, 1983 - The Morris elephants, aerialist Miss Elizabeth, trapeze artist the Flying Marquez.

Feb 19, 1983 - Trapeze artist Senorita Erendira, juggler Mike Williams, balancing artist The Great Duvall and the Mary Ruth Canine Aristocrats dog act.

Feb 26, 1983 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome horseman Colonel John Herriott, Joe Phillips' Hollywood Dogs, chair balancer Mr. Bell and Baldwin's Charming Chimps.

Mar 5, 1983 - Cal Dodd and Sherisse Laurence welcome aerialist Miss Wendy, illusionist Mike Phillips, and the Eddy Schmidt Tigers.

Mar 12, 1983 - Aerialist Le Grand Rober, daredevil motorcyclists the Jordans, trapeze artist Gaynor Carroll and high-wire artists the Albulet Brothers.